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Adult Sabbath School Classes

All classes begin at 10:00am in their respective room unless otherwise noted.


Sanctuary Class

Meets in the Sanctuary towards the front. Begins with music, followed by a special feature, then an interactive discussion study of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinators: Laun Reinholtz, Carletta Witzel
Teachers: Dionne Robinson, Jon Gusky


Riess Chapel Class

Meets in the Sanctuary to begin with music, followed by a special feature, then moves to the Riess Chapel for a dynamic discussion study of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinator: Paul Pellandini
Teachers: Collene Kelly, Kate Keith


Keith/Randolph Class

Meets in the Sanctuary to begin with music, followed by a special feature, then moves the Family Center’s back right corner for an in depth discussion study of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinators: Bill Keith, Kevin Randolph


His Yoke Bearers Class

Meets in the Point Room behind the Sanctuary platform to discuss the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly from a life experience perspective with an emphasis on surrendering the will through prayer.

Coordinators: Doris Ferris & Nancy Church


Single Mother’s Class

Meets in the Prayer Room downstairs, and is currently watching and discussing the video series Hope and Help for the Single Mom.

Coordinator: Ardith Jarrard

Pastor’s Class

Meets in the Sanctuary to begin with music, followed by a special feature, then moves to the Committee Room at 10:30am. A great class for anyone with questions about Adventist beliefs.

Teachers: Pastor Ron Kelly & Pastor Bruce Hayward


Fireside Class

Meets in the Fireside Room for an invigorating discussion of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinators: Teri Anzures & Tom Wilson






Friends in Faith Class

Meets in Dorothy Hayward’s Office for an enthusiastic small group discussion of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinator: Linda Stuart
Teachers: Clyde Morgan, Rich Baldwin, John Rorabeck


Acts of the Apostles Study Class

Meets in the Family Center’s back left corner for a study discussion of Acts of the Apostles by Ellen G. White.

Coordinator: Virginia Behnke


Collegiate Class

Intended for Young Adults, i.e. Students, Young Professionals, Singles & Young Couples, etc. Meets in the Youth Room for music, missions, and testimonies, then moves to the Family Center’s front left corner for a deep Bible study from the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Coordinator: Allison Calhoun
Teachers: Tanner Martin, Jordan Mondak

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Lower Division Sabbath School Classes

All downstairs classes begin at 10:00am.


Beginners: Birth - 2.5 Yrs

Meets downstairs in the Beginners Room.

Leader: Christine Rorabeck
Associates: Jessica White, Roberta Kelly, Mark & Vicki Cudanin


Cradle Roll: 2.5 - 4.5 Yrs

Meets downstairs in the Cradle Roll Room.

Leader: Rene & Licette Church
Associates: Jennifer Atencio


Kindergarten: 4.5 Yrs - School Kindergarten

Meets downstairs in the Kindergarten Room.

Leader: Lori Bahlman
Associates: Kathy Freeman, Mike Harrington, Kimberly Spare


Primary: Grades 1- 2

Meets downstairs in the Primary Room.

Leader: Laura Meyer
Associates: Barb & Jim Baerwald, Tammy Barnum, Dionne & Don Robinson, April Younker


Juniors 1: Grades 3 - 4

Meets downstairs in the Juniors 1 Room.

Leader: Jan Steele
Associates: Gussie Groves, Lori Riess, Jess Swackhamer


Juniors 2: Grades 5 - 6

Meets downstairs in the Juniors 1 Room for song service and mission story, then moves to Junior 2 Room for lesson study at 10:30am.

Leader: Rod Church
Associates: Alex & Natalia Gietsel, Christina & Gabe Wilson


Earliteens: Grades 7 - 8

Meets downstairs in the Youth Room for music, missions, and testimonies, then moves to in the Earliteen Room for lesson study.

Leader: Conrad Vine
Associates: Luda Vine, Michael Gusky, Bill Wells


Youth: Grades 9 - 12

Meets downstairs in the Youth Room.

Leaders: Mike Gammon & Pastor Joe Reeves
Associates: Richard Davisson, Elizabeth Marin

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