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Village Seventh-day Adventist Church
635 St Joseph Ave
Berrien Springs, MI 49103

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Sabbath Morning Worship

08:30am - 1st Service
10:00am - Sabbath School
11:20am - 2nd service

Saturday morning church services are an essential ministry of Village church. People from all backgrounds find healing and hope as we seek God together through music, giving, and the reading & preaching of the Word. Decisions for God are made every week. Join us this Sabbath!

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Sabbath Schools for All Ages

Every usable room in our large facility is used at 10am each Sabbath morning for Sabbath schools. Sabbath schools provide place for every family member to interact and connect. Our Sabbath schools our designed for all to learn the great themes of the Bible and how to join in advancing the global mission of our church in various places around the world.

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Fellowship Meal

Village Church welcomes all visitors and members to a fellowship meal three times per month September-May and once a month during the summer. Check the latest bulletin info for the most recent schedule and menu to participate. 

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Sabbath Evening Vespers

Three Sabbaths a month include an evening vespers where various missionaries bring updates, trips are reported on, books of the Bible are studied, topics are explored, or musicians host a concert. See the latest bulletin for current a current vespers schedule.

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Midweek Prayer Meeting

Village church family pauses in the middle of each week to seek God together in prayer. Prayer meeting is 6:20-7:10pm every Wednesday evening in the sanctuary. There are three prayer segments per evening broken with singing, testimonies, and readings in between. The format is designed for families with young children. Each prayer time goes 5-7 minutes.





Midweek Small Groups

Small groups is a great way to make Village church your family. Village facilitates a wide variety of small group options at various locations, focusing on different topics, pursuing different activities. Go to the small group page to see your options for joining a small group.

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Get Involved

The Village church pursues many local and foreign missions. Click below to find the projects and trips available to you this year.

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