Get Involved

There's a place for every age and every personality to get involved in the Village church family. Our church organizes many opportunities for families to serve together locally and abroad. 


Bible Studies

Village Church has trained Bible study coaches that work with to bring Bible study offers to your home. Explore the pressing and important questions of life, meaning, and destiny.

Small Groups

Join a small group and become part of a spiritual family that will grow together. Choose from a variety of groups that focus on various topics and activities.


The Village Church is committed to sacrifice and stretch ourselves for the advancement of local and foreign missions. Some of our current projects are listed here.


Three Sabbaths a month during the school year the Village church has a fellowship meal. Every meal is made possible by a team of volunteers that prepare food, setup the room, serve the meal, and cleanup afterwards.  Fill out the volunteer form below if you'd like to assist. Menus are published in the weekly bulletin.

Family Ministries

Village church has a variety of family ministries throughout the year including Divorce Care, Grief Share, and Women's Ministries. 

Children's Ministries

Village Church offers a number of places to involve your kids in fun, learning and service.

Youth Ministries

The Village Church is working to accomplish the mission that concludes the Old Testament: to "turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers" (Malachi 4:6). Our youth ministries aim to partner with parents in building trust in God and community with His church. 

Young Adults

The Village church has a thriving young adult ministry that includes Sabbath School, outreach projects, vespers, small groups, athletics, and socials.


Whether you've been in a church choir before or not, young and old are welcome to join Village church choir.

Work Bees

The Village church family never feels better than when young and old get our hands dirty together making God's house as excellent as possible! Join us for our next work bee!

Media Ministries

Village Church has an expanding media ministry that reaches people locally and abroad.