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Weekend schedule:

Friday, October 26 at 7pm:             

“The Most Interesting Thing in the World” by Timothy Standish
"Caring for the Creation" by Jo Ann Davidson

Saturday, October 27 at 8:30am:    
“YES! to Creation” by Jacques Doukhan

10:00am Sabbath School Program:   
“The Art of Creation” by Nathan Greene
Q&A Panel Discussion

11:20am Church Service:   
“The Crisis of Origins and God's Scientific Imperative” by Major Coleman

Afternoon Seminars, 2:30-4:30pm:

Time Sanctuary Riess Chapel Family Center
2:30 Paul Giem: Carbon-14 and Biblical Chronology Randall Younker: What Really Happened in Genesis 1 David Nowack: Peptide Bonds & Water
3:00 Anthony Bosmon: The Miracle of Mathematics Douglass Taylor: Design - Do We See it in Creation? Andrews von Maur: Design Lessons from Architecture
3:30 Major Coleman: Race, Racism, and Origins Tom Sheppherd: Creation in the New Testament Ronny Nalin: Creation or Destruction? Catastrophic Erosion & the Oroville Dam Incident
4:00 Ryan Hayes: The Chemistry of Creation Rahel Wells: The Value of Nature Cleran Hollancid: Creation & Purpose -The Wonder of it All

4:35-5:00pm Wrap:
Q&A and Panel Discussion


Listen to full weekend recordings here


Sabbath afternoon seminars in sanctuary here: