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Jesus on Prophecy

Prepare now to join us 12 nights of unpacking the life-changing, faith building, prophecies of Daniel and Revelation September 23 to October 4.

Health Sabbath

Join Dr. Nedley for God's Love & Emotional Intelligence, Loving Others & Emotional Intelligence, Nutrition and the Brain, What to do About the Rapid Rise in Dementia & Alzheimers and more.

Religious Liberty Sabbath

January 12, 2019. Religious Liberty Sabbath. Examine issues that matter including porn, transgenderism, joining the military and questions of conscience, updates on the recent changes at SCOTUS, and an update from the SW Michigan human trafficking taskforce.

10 Days of Prayer

6:20pm each evening in the Village church sanctuary, January 9-19, 2019. Each evening will include about three 5-minute prayer segments with testimonies, promises and singing in between. A format for the whole family. 

Kingly Power Sermon Series

4-part series on Kingly Power by Pastor Ron Kelly.

Creation Sabbath

October 26-27: Celebrating Creation in an age of tenuous skepticism. Listen to presentations of scientists, theologians, and artists unpack the Biblical creation.

Daniel 11 Weekend

Oct 19-20: Who is the aggressive “King of the North” and the mysterious “King of the South?” What role do these global players have in end-time events? Listen as world renowned Adventist scholars and evangelists present and debate these matters.

Reclaiming the Lost

Sept 22-29. Reaching inactive members. Awakening disinterested family. Leading indifferent friends. Reviving callous believers