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“Sexual Purity - A Modern Day Dilema - Exploring God’s Solutions”
Fri., Jan. 15, 6:30 pm: “Becoming a Man” by Mike Carducci & "Lost & Found" by Danielle Harrison
Sab., Jan 16, 8:30 am: “Exploding the Gay Myth” by Ron Woolsey
Sab., Jan 16, 11:20 am: “The All Important Question” by Ron Woolsey
Sab., Jan 16, 2:30 pm: “Reaching Out” by Mike Carducci
Sab., Jan 16, 3:30 pm: “Purified & Preserved” by Danielle Harrison
Sun., Jan 17, 6:30 pm: “Out of Innocence” by Wayne Blakely
Mon., Jan 18, 6:30 pm: Coming Out Ministries Q&A

We've prided ourselves too long in a theoritical knowledge of Scripture. But what about practical Christianity in our daily lives? Where do we obtain our identiy? Join the conversation on same sex attraction, pornography, pre-marital sex and how to follow Christ when the struggle gets real.

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See Mike's video for Village here.