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Extreme Bible Workout

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Apply Now
What participants have said from previous summers? "Definitely brought me closer to God!" "Was awesome doing morning in nature." "Lots of fun!" "Loved it!"

How many years has Village Church done this? 2018 is the fourth summer for Village church youth ministries doing Extreme Bible Workout.

What can teenagers expect on this trip?
  • Mission adventure - The first part half of the trip is a mission trip to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Morning routine will include yard work, painting and cleanup. Afternoon ministry will include VBS for local children and families. Evenings are relaxed. Basketball, reading and other activities are options after supper. The mission group from Village Church is well recognized in this town and the community is happy to continue this ongoing relationship that we have developed. 
  • Outdoor adventure - The last half of the trip will be in Glacier National Park where you will discover some of the most majestic mountains, wildlife, views, and trails anywhere in the world.
  • Spiritual adventure - Each morning includes "solitude time" and sharing time that will include practical training and exercises how to have your own effective devotional time with God. Each participant will be reading chapters from the book of Luke every day this year. This trip will give you time to disconnect from media and phones and connect with God. The quietness of nature will be one of the memories that will make this trip unforgettable. 
What is the 2018 schedule?
July 4: Check-in, parent orientation, student orientation, depart Berrien Springs
July 6-14: In Brockton, Montana for a one-week mission trip with activities as described above.
July 15-19: Camping, hiking, and touring in Glacier National Park.
July 20-21: Spending Sabbath at a midway point between Glacier and Berrien Springs.
July 22-23: Traveling back to Berrien Springs.
July 24: Back in Berrien Springs. 
Is there a media policy? Yes. Phones can be taken, but have to be turned in to staff at registration and will only be accessed during designated phone times.

Who are the leaders of this trip?

Trip Director: Pastor Joe Reeves was raised in the mountains of Washington State and signs up for outdoor adventure as often as possible. His wife Ruthie shares his passion for young people. Nothing is more important to them than seeing youth encounter Christ personally. Their purpose: to grow young people who will "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" in a crazy world. 

Guys Dean: Emory Dent is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, destined for dental school and the medical mission field. Born and raised in the flatlands of Berrien County, his love for the outdoors took flight while attending high school Northern California. In addition to hiking, biking, swimming, and rock climbing, he thoroughly enjoys being a friend, and leading others to the friend he's found in Jesus. 

Girls Dean: Gillian Jurek is currently studying audiology at Andrews University and plans to return to her favorite county in the world when she is finished - Canada! She is very involved at Village church not only on Sabbath mornings, but also during the midweek prayer meeting. Jesus is number one for her and she looks to connect young people with Him wherever possible. She loves  canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing and camping, even if it is in the USA. 

What is the cost? $500. 10% discount offered to those who apply by June 1. Additional scholarships available upon request. 

What is the target age? 14-18.

When is the real deadline? When the trip is full. It's filled up every year and we have turned some away every year. It's filling up as fast as ever. 

What do students need to bring?
When students are accepted we will send a 10-page acceptance packet that will include an exhaustive packing list. Items will include warm clothes and gear for backpacking/camping, a sleeping bag, a tent if you have one, dried backpacking food for 4 days, and a good attitude!

More questions? Contact Pastor Joe through the website or at the phone number in the graphic above.