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Wolverine Pathfinder Club

Pathfinder Calendar

Enjoy backpacking? Biking? Canoeing? Caving? Camping? Want to be an active young Christian on an adventure with friends who love Jesus? Then join the Wolverine Pathfinders. Club members enjoy club meetings, camping, and service adventures designed to develop Christ-like citizens.

The Wolverine Pathfinder Club is part of a world-wide co-ed scouting type organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Juniors and teens in grades 5-12 of any religion, or none at all, are welcomed and encouraged to join this ministry.

The purpose of our Pathfinder club is to meet the spiritual, physical, mental, and social needs, encouraging the pathfinders in building a personal relationship with Jesus, our Creator and Savior, developing their leadership skills to be of service to others, and preparing them for an eternity with Jesus.

The goal of the Pathfinder club is to nurture the pathfinder into a growing personal relationship with Christ, and mold their character like His.

For more information about joining Pathfinders contact the Village Church office. For meeting times please check the church calendar.

Pathfinder Aim
The Advent Message to all the world in this generation

Pathfinder Motto 
The love of Christ constrains us all

Pathfinder Pledge
By the grace of God, I will be pure, and kind, and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.

Pathfinder Law
Keep the morning watch
Do my honest part
Care for my body,
Keep a level eye
Be courteous and obedient
Walk softly in the sanctuary,
Keep a song in my heart,
Go on God's errand.

Pathfinder Calendar
All meetings are in the Youth Room at 6:30 -8:30pm unless otherwise noted.  Field Uniforms are expected unless announced otherwise in advance.  Additional meeting times for Sabbath services or PBE study groups will be arranged as needed.

September 15-18 -  LUCamporee at BCYF Fairgrounds
September 27 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
September 30 - 
     to October 2     
Club Campout - At "Our Daily Bread"
  (Near Dowagiac)
October 11 -  Honors Meeting
October 25 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
October 29 -  Distribute collection bags for Thanksgiving baskets
October 30 -  Collect bags
November 1 -  Honors Meeting
November 15 -  Organize canned goods.
November 20 -  Distribute Thanksgiving baskets
November 29 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
December 6 -  Honors Meeting

January 10 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
January 13-15 -  Team Snow Outing at Camp Au Sable
January 17 -  Honors Meeting
January 31 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
February 7 -  Honors Meeting
February 11 -  Gym Night Supervision at VAES gym
February 14 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
February 28 -  Honors Meeting
March 7 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
March 14 -  Honors Meeting
March 28 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
April 2 -  Country Breakfast at VAES
April 4 -  Honors Meeting
April 9 -  Local park clean up/AU Swim - 9am to Noon
April 11 -  Investiture Achievement Classwork
May 2 -  Honors Meeting
May 5-7 -  Spring Campout
May 9 -  Fair Preparation
May 19-21 -  MI Conference Pathfinders Fair at Camp Au Sable