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Friday, September 14
“Ye Shall Be As gods” by Alex Niculaescu

Sabbath, September 15
     8:30am: “The Social Experiement” by Joe Reeves

     11:20am: “Parental Perogative” by Ron Kelly

     After 2nd service: Guests are welcome to join us for a fellowship meal for lunch.

     2:45-3:30pm: Plenary with Bridgette Presley: Atlanta public school teacher
     3:45-4:30pm: Various seminar speakers. See speakers below.
Various seminar speakers. See speakers below.

     5:30pm: Light refreshments served

     6:15pm: Panel discussion with weekend speakers

Weekend/Seminar Speakers Include:



Alex Niculaescu 
Alex has worked in various mission fields over the past 13 years and was introduced to the reality of modern forms of exploitation and slavery while living in East Africa in 2009. Since then he has worked for and along side various non-profits and NGO's, as well as government entities, including the Department of Homeland Security, and a number of other branches of law enforcement. He has left working with those organizations after realizing the overwhelming spiritual nature of the issue of exploitation and it's long standing use as the main mechanism of Satan for destroying God's plan for His children. Alex currently lives with his wife and daughter in Michigan where he works as a pastor.

Joe Reeves serves as the associate pastor of Village church. He grew up in the mountains of Washington state. Through Extreme Bible Workout he gives teens a chance every summer to disconnect from their usual and enjoy nature and mission and from deeper connections with each other and most importantly God. 

Ron Kelly is the senior pastor of Village church. His ministry seeks to re-vitalize healthy family dynamics and re-focuse the church on our mission. He is the father of four and enjoys giving his family and others canoeing and hiking and other outdoor adventurers. 

Bridgette Presley is a high school math teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and is passionate about giving students every opportunity for success in this world and the next. She provides support for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Her goal is to create a supportive community between students and their families, other teachers, and their friends.

Nathaniel Gibbs grew up a skeptic and an atheist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After a dramatic turn around his life has been committed to sharing Christ all over the United States, Norway, Iceland, Honduras, and Cuba. He recently served as pastor for the Adrian Seventh-day Adventist Church and is currently studying at Andrews Theological Seminary.