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Night of Prayer
Village Church is hosting an all night prayer meeting the night of July 28, 2018. We are looking for people to signup for one-hour slots. We have space for 12 people per hour for 12 hours. We have room for 144 people to participate. Signup for your hour at this google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wsm_Qv6gOUjcvzBj00nO-ZfsO-QJ8eEH5PM5vshvloc/edit#gid=0

July 28 will be the beginning of 40 days of prayer (July 28 to September 5). You can choose your own group of 2 or more (at least 3 or more if it is a mixed gender group). Groups will pray together once a day, early in the mornings. Daily prayer by phone will be the best option for some.